Hull Numbering Schema

To obtain an explanation of the Hull Identification Number system used on the boats, download: Hull numbering_schema.pdf 

Mast lengths and heights above the waterline

The extrusion lengths (length of the masts themselves, important to know for storage and transport) are as follows:

  • N22: 40'-9 1/2"
  • N26: 48'-10"
  • N30: 53'-3"
  • N33: 58'-9"
  • N36: 61'-8"

The air drafts (height of the mast above the waterline, excluding any antennae or other fixtures added to them, important to know for safe passage under bridges and wires) are as follows:

  • N22: 40'-10 1/2"
  • N26: 48'-3"
  • N30: 52'-6"
  • N33: 58'-9"
  • N36: 61'-9"

The above dimensions are taken from the Hinterhoeller Yachts mast layout drawings and from the designer's original sail plans.

Polar plots and other data for N26s and N30s

For the Nonsuch 26, we have only the following available:

For the Nonsuch 30, we have the following available:

Rules of the Road:

To see The Rules of the Road for Sailboats, click here.

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