Regional Associations

Regional Associations are those independently formed organizations of Nonsuch owners that are affiliated with the INA. These organizations are listed here at the request of those persons shown as contacts. Although the INA encourages and supports them, it does not control their activities, membership or fees.

Great Lakes

Thousand Islands Nonsuch Association (TINA)
Contact:   position vacant and open to volunteers           

Lake Ontario (west) Nonsuch Association (LONA)
Contact:   Nick Hirst            

Georgian Bay Nonsuch Association (GBNA)
Contact:  Cathie Madonald & Brian Monrad

Lake Erie Islands Nonsuch Association (LEINA)
Contact: James Franchello & Kim Miles

(Southern) Lake Huron Nonsuch Association (LHNA)
Contact: Herb G. Huber

Lake Michigan Nonsuch Association South (LMNA-S)
Contact: Ken Verhaeren

East Coast

Nova Scotia Nonsuch Group (NSNA)
Contact: James Stanley

East Long Island Sound Nonsuch Association (ELIS)
Contact: Travis & Donna Epes

Chesapeake Bay Nonsuch Association (CBNA)
Contact:  Bob Gehrman

South Florida Nonsuch Association (SFNS)
Contact: Larry Koenig

West Coast

Nonsuch Niagara North West Association (NNNWA)
Contact: Mark Powers

San Francisco Bay Nonsuch Association (SFBNA)
Contact: Sandra Bushmaker


European Nonsuch Association (EuNA)

Contact: Mike Hayes

Nonsuch Sail

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