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Marketplace is the INA’s bulletin board for members to post their boats or other items for sale as well as items wanted. This forum is subdivided by size and model of Nonsuch or other Mark Ellis designs recognized by the INA. Models include Nonsuch 22, 26, 260, 30, 324, 33, 354, 36, Naiad 18, Wiggers 33, Nighhawk 36 and Nereus 40.

To follow up with owner pick their name to the left of the ad. From the member’s profile pick Send Message, complete the message form including your reply email and Send

Insertion Policy

  • One must be an INA Member and your boat must be a Nonsuch or other Mark Ellis Design.
  • Miscellaneous Ads must be for Nonsuch related equipment.
  • A Want Ad can be placed by a Non-Member for a Nonsuch only.
  • Please contact for assistance.
  • Other Want Ads may be placed by Members only for Nonsuch related items.
  • A listing of ads will appear in Update the INA newsletter.

Ads will contain:

  • Year, size and model ie: 1983 30 Classic
  • Asking Price in USD or CAD
  • Location, city and province or state
  • A form is provided for making contact with the person placing the ad

INA / Provider's Responsibility / Liability:

The International Nonsuch Association, as well as the Site host and Internet provider, reserve the right to include or exclude advertisements at our discretion. We reserve the right to modify or edit ad content for clarity or brevity. While every effort is made to reproduce the original ad as submitted, The International Nonsuch association and the internet provider DO NOT check, or assume any liability for the accuracy of any advertisement, or information contained therein. Transactions which may take place as a result of ads contained herein are solely the responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction, and The International Nonsuch Association, as well as the Internet Provider assume no responsibility - implied or expressed.

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