Manual anchor winch plus 75' chain

  • October 17, 2021 12:26 PM
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    This Lawrence-Simpson Hyspeed manual anchor winch has a removable handle which you wobble back and forth to hoist the anchor. It is not hard to do, just takes a bit of time - if it was fast then it would be hard. My issues are that I singlehand a lot and my clock has passed the 2/3 century mark. Our boat now has an electric anchor winch to bypass both issues. Included are 75' of 10mm (3/8") DIN766 ungraded chain. The weight of the chain alone was enough to hold our NS30C under most conditions, which is as it should be. Both the winch and chain are in full working condition.The winch and handle are 11kg, the chain is 66kg which is why it anchors the boat so well.

    The winch is double acting (both back and forth pull in the chain or rode). The lever can be moved with one hand. In wind and waves I wait then bring in the slack after every wave, very easy. The wildcat can be unlocked with the lever for a controlled freefall, I always did that.

    I am asking for the cost of the chain only and throwing in the great Simpson-Lawrence winch. Similar chain is listed at CDN$6-7 per foot so asking CDN$450 plus shipping but can work out delivery if nearby. They are in Toronto. Picture and manual below.

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