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  • November 12, 2021 9:41 AM
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    Hi Joe,

    I am also a relatively new Nonsuch sailor, having owned my boat for just a few years.  Here are some tips that I have learned and ideas provided to me by the collective body of Nonsuch folks.

    Our sail is huge and it is designed to be reefed.  In some circumstances reefing can improve your point of sail and your speed.  Nonsuch sail best at less than 20 degrees of heel.  While you can sail a Nonsuch with full sail in over 20 knots of wind you will have more control and comfort sailing with a reef in, and you will still be going at hull speed and be able to point higher.

    Nonsuch are great down wind sailors.  Try sailing on light air with the boom tip in front of the mast.  It feels odd at first and requires close attention to wind direction.  But it is very efficient and quite a hoot.  

    Do not tighten the choker so tight that the sail curls at the bottom.  This is bad for the sail as it stretches the foot.  

    The more you sail your Nonsuch the more adept you will get a sailing it well.

    Randy Gadikian

    Paisley Moon, NS 26c #37

    Buffalo, New York

  • October 25, 2021 8:35 PM
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    Deleted user

    Hi, I have recently purchased Solar Wind a nonsuch 26 and moved her from Marina del Rey to Oceanside Harbor in northern San Diego.  She is to only Nonsuch in this harbor of about one thousand boats and I have had lots of commentary about her looks and performance.  I have a group of about 6 skippers that sail on Mondays and Thursdays just about every week.  We sail for out about 10:30 and flip back to harbor at 12:30 usually a 4 hour sail.  We then meet up on the dock for a beer and a debrief and the talk usually very enjoyable. Boats and sailing are usually paramount and we have had informative discussions about our obsession. I am going to cut to the chase I don't want to be the last boat back to the dock every week.  I know she is beamy and I know she is heavy but she has a lot of sail and waterline so I think I need some tips, suggestions or encouragement.  

    I am not looking for prizes or ego enhancment just a  efficient enjoyable sail.  I sailed my Ranger 26 for a dozen years had that elation and would like to attempt it on this Nonsuch.

    Joe Palmiotti


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